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Emotional Intelligence has long been overlooked as a mechanism for creating commitment to positive personal change. Emotional Intelligence expert Scott Watson, was invited to present to an audience of more than 150 servicemen and women on how to maximise their personal and group effectiveness by using practical Emotional Intelligence tools and techniques.


  • The audience members regularly have to enter into emotionally turbulent environments, and still perform to the highest standard.
  • New recruits needed to learn more effective ways to manage themselves through the significant change from civilian to service personnel.
  • In a traditionally ‘command and control’ environment, Emotional Intelligence could be perceived as ‘touchy feely’ therefore limiting audience member’s willingness to apply their learning.
  • The ‘stiff upper lip’ method of dealing with personal issues and problems wasn’t the way the service wished to pursue moving forward. A more collaborative, coaching approach was needed.


Scott Watson presented two action-packed 60-minute keynote presentations at the Annual Conference in Birmingham which explored the reality the audience members experienced, and how to change personal beliefs, long-held habits and personal coping mechanisms to boost resilience, teamwork and collaboration.

Client Feedback

“Scott Watson (of Summit) was a keynote speaker at our annual conference at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering. One of the aims of the event was to consider some alternative approaches to create positive behaviour change in the field of exercise adherence and to raise awareness on other health related issues.

Clearly passionate about his work, Scott imparted his vast experience and knowledge in people coaching, outlining strategies on how to help people become motivated and how to create the right conditions to generate excitement for lasting behavioural change.

Scott was thought provoking and dynamic in his delivery and illustrated effectively how he applies his unique personal change approaches to a wide range of human potential projects.

I would certainly recommend Scott Watson to any audience wishing to laugh while they learn about how to create positive personal change with people.”

S A Knapper
Military Training Wing, HM Royal Air Force

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Posted by on November 5, 2014