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- Why approach Summit?


The client was eager to learn how employees in its Housing And Adult Social Services teams could better develop and manage high trust, collaborative relationships with the Council’s residents and service users. Not only would the development of these outcomes make life a little less stressful, but they would also result in a more efficient, customer focused service being delivered.

Summit has facilitated a number of sessions for our Council during the past two years. The courses have been consistently fully booked and well received by delegates who have attended.
- How Summit can help

The solution

Following a brief period of research, Summit developed and facilitated an Emotional Intelligence training course in London titled ‘Improve Your Relationships Using Emotional Intelligence’. The focus of the one-day event was to equip participants with a range of Emotional Intelligence skills and tools which would enable them to:

Better manage themselves through time chunking and focusing on value creation.

Understand their personal impact on others and how trust is either enabled or disabled.

Develop a more structured yet flexible way to remove progress limiting silo working habits.

Successfully initiate more collaborative, cross team working to deliver more value.

We observed a strong level of engagement from delegates and I feel that this course gives staff practical ideas and tools to use in their relationships with their manage.

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