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Chwarae Teg

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Managing remote teams can be a real challenge for even the most agile, forward-thinking organisation with a bottomless budget to invest in maximising operational effectiveness and results.  

But, for a small charity, with limited resources and funds, the same challenges arise, and deserve to be addressed.

 The interactive elements of the Managing Remote Teams course expertly demonstrated the problems faced by those who manage remote teams. Summit Training is an exciting management training provider.
H Dunne
 - Project Manager
- How Summit can help

The solution

Summit designed and facilitated a one-day how to manage remote teams training course delivered in Cardiff that explored

How to balance getting the job done well with the human aspects of working remotely.

How to agree clear boundaries for support and performance standards.

How to manage effectively without risking becoming a micro-manager.

How to successfully focus on value creation rather than simply task completion.

The content of the management course was thoroughly researched, demonstrating the extensive knowledge and experience of Summit Training.

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