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- Why approach Summit?


The client had developed an app focused on aiding employee health, well-being, and career development, which also served as a coaching tool, with coaching support available to employees from a team of in-house coaches. Employee take up had been successful, but the client was eager to refine and improve the app’s quality and the value the coaching delivers for users.

WE WERE SO impressed from start to finish with Summit and with how you adapted your training to include our Apps and fit with our schedule, for both sessions. It’s the best training we’ve done in a long time!
D. Holloway
 - Project Manager, Innovation, Research & Medical Education
- How Summit can help

The solution

Summit’s response to this issue had two key parts. Summit also reviewed the app and recommended specific aspects that could be changed or adapted to ensure it delivered optimal value.

A virtual one-day training programme for internal coaches, looking at how use of emotionally intelligent language can improve the experience for those being coached.

A one-day train the trainer course for a select group of employees to learn how to train new coaches in this refined, emotionally intelligent approach to coaching.

Thank you so much for the slides from both training sessions, we will be adapting these to use for our future training. We look forward to working with you again soon.
D. Holloway
 - Project Manager, Innovation, Research & Medical Education

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