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An absence of clarity surrounding standards and policies around company expectations, standards and boundaries relating to communication had unwittingly resulted in ‘banter’ becoming divisive and unwelcome by many employees within the business. Some colleague relationships had become toxic, the working environment was unhealthy, quality and productivity were also suffering.

The absence of an on-site Human Resources professional who could provide timely and specialist guidance to the management team on how to develop a clear understanding of company policy on bullying and harassment left the management team to guess how best to address issues and complaints.

We invited Summit Consulting & Training Ltd to deliver Bullying and Harassment Awareness Training for our company. The event content was exactly what we wanted and even better than we expected. The Summit facilitator was always respectful and kept everybody engaged and involved throughout the training session.
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The Bullying and Harassment Awareness Training course explored:

How The Equality Act 2010 protects employees from bullying and harassment

The legal responsibilities and organisational expectations of employees

Different forms of bullying and harassment in the workplace

2 genuine bullying and harassment case studies to develop understanding of impact

How to nip bullying and harassment in the bud early by creating a safe space for reporting

How personal impact either enables or disables a healthy workplace culture

This was an amazing training day! We highly recommend Summit to anyone looking for professional, knowledgeable and experienced training partner in the Bullying and Harassment Awareness training subject area.

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