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Inconsistent approaches to identifying high quality candidates and subsequently appointing new employees had resulted in a recruitment process that was not only disjointed, but financially inefficient.

The client wanted to explore how best practice recruitment and selection processes could streamline their processes, identify potential high quality candidates more quickly, reduce the time taken for the whole process, and, reduce the financial and time costs associated with recruiting a diverse workforce.

participants advised me that they were motivated to apply their learning immediately upon returning to the workplace, and that they have achieved very positive outcomes as a direct result of implementing the tools and techniques learnt.
- How Summit can help

The solution

Following a brief research phase in collaboration with the Human Resources Manager, Summit developed and facilitated six one-day Interview Skills training courses in Birmingham for managers throughout the business.

As none of the managers had any formal training in recruitment and selection or interviewing techniques, we were starting from scratch.

In addition, managers did not understand the legal boundaries they needed to operate within during the recruitment, interview and selection process. This created a potential legal headache for the client.

We equipped operational managers with the best tools, techniques and skills to successfully identify and attract the highest quality candidates to the business.

We provided an easy to remember legal seatbelt which would ensure that the business was protected, as well as the trusting candidates.

Summit has added significant value to our recruitment and selection process and I am now confident that our management population is far better equipped to identify and attract high quality candidates to our organisation in an informed and professional way.

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