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Bullying and Harassment Awareness training courses.

- Why approach Summit?


A forward-thinking leader in its market, the client realised the importance for its brand, and value for its employees, to ensure that a consistent, clear approach to communicating and collaborating in the workplace was established.

Summit Training was appointed by the HR Manager to design and facilitate a Bullying and Harassment Awareness training course in Munich, Germany for 30 employees. Ensuring understanding of standards, boundaries and expectations early was deemed prudent in safeguarding employees from unwittingly overstepping a boundary.

Summit delivered an interactive, intellectually challenging and enjoyable event, guiding the participants towards gaining a new understanding of hidden and unknown biases and communication issues. This elegantly led to a shift in mindset and increased awareness of the subject topic, and its importance in the workplace.
- How Summit can help

The solution

How to manage conflict and disagreement productively.

Providing an in-depth understanding of how their own personalities, behavioural traits, and communication preferences can either help or hinder the organisation’s ability to deliver quality service.

How using meetings to offer support to colleagues can reduce feelings of isolation and boost team morale.

How a change in the team’s culture can allow for candid and constructive discussion about team blind spots.

By the close of the event, participants had collaboratively created new rules for communicating with each other that will enrich our internal policies. I am happy to recommend Summit Consulting and Training without reservation to leaders who wish to proactively develop greater awareness and understanding of this topic.

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