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- Why approach Summit?


A social enterprise wanted to educate employees on the need for and value of sexual harassment and diversity awareness to ensure a consistent understanding for all.

The subject matter was a potentially difficult one to train, but they made it engaging, informative and fun. They closely stuck to our brief but also offered additional elements which really took the training to the next level.
- How Summit can help

The solution

How to manage conflict and disagreement productively.

How to successfully introduce and embed Diversity in different organisational areas

Potential individual and organisational issues in being unaware of people’s ethnic and sexual identities

The personal and organisational impact of intentional and unintended harassment

The legal consequences and implications of harassment

The biases people often experience in dealing with current gender identities

5 practical ways to embrace diversity and mitigate unconscious biases

We’ve had unanimously positive feedback from our delegates, and it’s clear to see they’re going to take the key points on board and move forward. Thank you Summit, we look forward to working with you again!

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