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Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers

- Why approach Summit?


A large group of passionate individuals supporting an audience of vulnerable service users had never undertaken any structured management development training. Cracks were showing.

The Head of Human Resources was committed to enabling managers to partner their unquestionable passion with a healthy dose of Emotional Intelligence skills which would benefit them personally and professionally as well as their teams and service users.

Summit was chosen as our organisation’s preferred partner because they had demonstrated a solid track record of delivering lasting value to clients other than simply ‘delivering training, and this was an important consideration in our selection.
- How Summit can help

The solution

Delivered over a 12 month period, the management training programmes included a healthy focus on developing valuable Emotional Intelligence awareness and competencies, which could the b partnered with specific management skills development.

Partner technical competence and passion with healthy Emotional Intelligence

Develop a healthy and enabling Emotional Climate with your team

Manage yourself more effectively before you manage team members

Deal with emotional overwhelm and setbacks more effectively

Communicate more effectively in difficult situations to any audience

Benefit from intentional silo and collaborative working styles

This awareness will undoubtedly enable Managers to lead team members more effectively whilst also giving Managers a great insight into their own personality style and how their preferred approaches to managing self and others can be adjusted to deliver even more value.

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