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The client wanted to enable senior managers within the organisation to manage themselves more effectively to improve collaboration between teams and provide higher quality support to service users. It was important managers were able to effectively manage their priorities, focus, and impact, and were able to coach others in the organisation to develop the same skills.

Not only was the People Management Essentials course really useful for all Managers but it also found it genuinely engaging. Learning more about how different individuals prefer to work, communicate and their personality styles was really valuable.
- How Summit can help

The solution

How to manage conflict and disagreement productively.

Providing an in-depth understanding of how their own personalities, behavioural traits, and communication preferences can either help or hinder the organisation’s ability to deliver quality service.

How using meetings to offer support to colleagues can reduce feelings of isolation and boost team morale.

How a change in the team’s culture can allow for candid and constructive discussion about team blind spots.

This awareness will undoubtedly enable Managers to lead team members more effectively whilst also giving Managers a great insight into their own personality style and how their preferred approaches to managing self and others can be adjusted to deliver even more value.

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