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- About Summit Training

A truly unique approach

Many corporate training and coaching consultancies may claim to be 'different'. Few though can actually prove they are.

Here are just a few reasons Summit is (very) different to the masses.

  1. Our clear focus is on delivering real value for your organisation rather than 'training'. This means you achieve lasting value.

  2. We're a team of acknowledged subject experts rather than generalists. This means you benefit from much more value.

  3. Our carefully selected team of facilitators and coaches are NOT Associates whose commitment and competence may be questionable.

  4. We provide you with free post-training resources to help you successfully embed learning.

  5. We commit to helping you become more self-reliant as quickly as possible. Plus much more...

Our focus is on delivering the highest quality, dynamic and value-focused training that is second to none in the field. Clients say we're doing pretty well!

  • Backed by extensive research data in the areas of leadership, management and team performance, Summit provides a complete training system focused on delivering real value.

  • We make everything really easy for you. All you need to do is turn up, relax and enjoy your learning.

  • The most successful leaders, managers and teams seldom achieve their great success in one fell swoop. Achieving excellence requires diligent practice and constant application of fundamental principles. We show you how to push the >>fast-forward>> button.

  • Your organisation's return on its financial investment is achieved in the days and weeks following learning with Summit. We provide self-paced post-training resources to help you maximise skills transfer.

"The facilitation of the leadership development programme was superb."
Basil Al-Azem
 - HR Director, DHL
- Introduction

The natural first choice partner

Only a tailored learning experience can help your organisation achieve lasting improvement in performance and a visible return on investment.

So that’s what Summit does!

Summit's leadership, management and team training courses are packed full with opportunities for enjoyable and positively challenging learning.

Thoroughly interactive, and stimulating, each leadership, management and team training course is designed to significantly improve your organisation’s effectiveness.

If you’re eager to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s triumphs, and save BIG-TIME on your training budget, why not get in touch?

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