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- Why approach Summit?


A sixth form college, graded as “Outstanding” by Ofsted wanted to explore Unconscious Bias in general with a specific focus on recruitment, selection and gender equality.

The organisation of the session ran very smoothly and all enquiries were dealt with promptly.
- How Summit can help

The solution

A series of bespoke 2-hour Unconscious Bias training sessions focused on exploring:

How unconscious biases impact gender equality and recruitment and selection decisions.

Where unconscious biases originate and how they help or hinder individual & collective effectiveness.

How to mitigate your own, team and organisational biases to achieve more beneficial outcomes.

A Q&A session on the impact of specific biases on gender equality, along with a brainstorming session on how to effectively mitigate those issues.

The training itself was engaging, interactive and informative. It was really useful that the different types of bias were broken down and explained along with ways to combat each type of bias in the workplace.

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