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- Why approach Summit?


A senior leadership group of technically outstanding, motivated individuals was missing opportunities to optimise organisational performance and efficiencies due to a silo working approach which, whilst delivering individual departmental and divisional objectives, hindered rather than helped overall effectiveness.

Relationships were unintentionally transactional and process focused, lacking collective cohesiveness, high-trust, collaborative working which encouraged healthy challenge, collective decision making, where relevant.

The leadership team realised that more commercial value for the company could be realised by adopting a new approach to teamwork, collaboration, employee engagement and value delivery. This approach was to be underpinned by developing Emotionally Intelligent leaders, who were high performing leaders individually, but a more effective leadership team collectively.

The two days we spent with Scott Watson were very productive and valuable for our team. We have already achieved some short term, immediate wins following our learning with Scott, and this is only five days following the leadership development programme. We all expect to see some longer term goals being achieved by utilising the learning across our teams.
- How Summit can help

The solution

Summit developed and facilitated an involving two-day leadership development training course in Liverpool.

Facilitated by Summit MD, Scott Watson, key areas of focus included how to:

Create healthy and balanced Self Awareness as leaders

Develop a Right First Time, On Time, Every Time team approach to quality

Prepare for, initiate and successfully facilitate tough talk to create positive change

Understand the commercial pitfalls of excessive silo working habits

Deliver more commercial value through more cohesive, collaborative and candid relationships

Positively call each other out when unconscious bias appears in leadership dialogue

Based on my personal experience of learning with Scott Watson of Summit, I can highly recommend Summit for value focused, immersive and meaningful leadership development training which is also very enjoyable.

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