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Managing Director committed to ensuring the company’s managers had both technical competence and people management skills. One highly experienced and valued manager was struggling to achieve this, as their default management style was excessively assertive, leading to important discussions not taking place and flawed decisions being made and relationships being more transactional than collaborative. Though the manager had undertaken development courses previously, these had delivered limited success, and the Managing Director identified that emotional intelligence was the missing factor preventing learning and change. The Manager was committed to their learning through this coaching programme.

From the very outset Scott was able to determine our specific needs and distill these into a workplace program of mentoring and support.
M. Clayton
 - Managing Director
- How Summit can help

The solution

One-to-one coaching sessions, spread over twelve weeks and underpinned by the EQi 2.0 psychometric assessment tool. Coaching focused on:

Creating greater self-awareness of personal impact in different workplace situations.

Improving impulse control and willingness to listen to and understand colleagues’ perspectives.

Developing a clearer focus on engaging team members in order to achieve results.

Scott has a thorough understanding of emotional intelligence and people psychology together with a wealth of real-life experience.
M. Clayton
 - Managing Director

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