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The client recognised they had a responsibility to maintain a healthy workplace environment where all staff were safe from bullying and harassment. It was important to them that they introduce and embed a clear understanding of the responsibilities all staff share for displaying good practice, calling out unacceptable behaviour, and respecting the necessary boundaries set by company policy.

In order to ensure long-term culture change that embedded itself in any new employees as well as those currently working in the company, the client wanted to develop an in-house capability to deliver the necessary bullying and harassment training to teams across the organisation.

We have really enjoyed our collaboration with Summit on becoming Certified to deliver Bullying and Harassment Awareness training to our colleagues across the Group. I highly recommend Summit Training for this type of training programme.
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The solution

General managers and HR personnel undertook a challenging two-day Bullying and Harassment Awareness ‘Train the Trainer’ course.
The training programme concluded with a 90-minute open-book exam, and successful completion of the course led to a certification showing that the participant was capable of delivering bullying and harassment awareness training. The course ensured participants:

Understood the organisational risks presented by workplace bullying and harassment and the legal boundaries employees at all levels have to work within.

Could clearly explain the different types of bullying and harassment and the nine protected characteristics defined in the Equality Act 2010.

Demonstrated the ability to design and successfully deliver a module of an in-house training course.

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