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Students nearing graduation were faced with increasing competition for jobs at a time of economic uncertainty and financial turmoil. They had to learn how to set themselves apart from the masses of job seekers and successfully attract and retain, the attention of potential employers.

Traditional methods were proving to be unsuccessful, time consuming and in some cases financially expensive.

Highly relevant, highly informative about the actual practical application of getting a job.
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The solution

Scott Watson presented the findings of his extensive research with more than 100 senior Human Resources leaders and professional recruiters on what factors heavily influenced who they chose to invite to interview.

Information included how to:

Build rapport and trust with a potential employer before even meeting them.

Develop authentic personal credibility in your job application.

Maximise the possibility that your application will receive a response.

Use employer references and testimonials differently to the norm.

Negotiate your salary upwards (win-win) when a pay scale is advertised.

I think to a certain extent it removed the scales of naivety from the students and enabled them to understand what they physically have to do to get engagement with an employer. I would recommend it (this event) to anybody.

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