- Case Study


- Why approach Summit?


A period of organisational change within the College brought with it a responsibility for ensuring that employees from a diverse range of departments knew how they were supported through change and the uncertainty it can bring.

One vital component was cross-department communication. Not only to ensure that greater efficiency was achieved but to develop and promote more collaborative, inter-dependent relationships between employees at all levels.

Scott ‘Got It’ in terms of understanding our specific requirements and was creative in terms of how to go about designing a team building event which would engage participants quickly and maintain their motivation.
- How Summit can help

The solution

The client appointed Summit to design and facilitate a half-day indoor team building event for 80 of the College’s employees. With many participants not actually knowing each other, or even of each other, encouraging and enabling speedy engagement through a round-robin set of team challenges proved very successful.

The 3 hour team building event focused on enabling team members to:-

Look outside of their own peer group or department for support, assistance and guidance.

Safely speak up in challenging situations where they had previously remained silent.

Focus on ‘getting the job done’ versus ‘adding genuine value’.

Developing a ‘Right First Time, On Time, Every Time’ approach to project delivery.

Achieve more in less time due to the establishment of new relationships and shared understanding.

The event itself was SUPERB; well planned, well facilitated, lots of fun, lively and memorable. I wholeheartedly recommend Summit as a partner for any organisation who wants to maximise the effectiveness of teams

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