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 Operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction were suffering due to departments working in silo’s rather than collaboratively.

 A rising number of complaints from customers were eating in to the company’s profitability, and a lack of understanding of how different departments relied on each other had resulted in working habits not conducive to delivering a first-class product as efficiently as possible.

 The company’s accepted way of working was for each department to take responsibility for successfully completing their own tasks on time.  What hadn’t been embedded in the culture was the need for shared understanding of the company’s overall goal, how it was going to be achieved, and the important part everyone played in enabling this to happen.  An absence of personal ownership had manifested a blame culture where departments defended their position rather than engaging in effective pre-planning and ongoing collaboration to deliver the company’s product on time, right first time, every time.


 Summit designed and facilitated a management training course in Birmingham which acknowledged the contribution each manager and department already made to the business, but explored the risks associated with silo working, low trust relationships, the financial impact of errors, and the need for a more transparent, collaborative and accountable culture.

 The key learning points around these serious issues were drawn out through a hands-on, intellectually challenging management training course which questioned the current ways managers plan, make decisions, get the job done, and deal with operational problems. A keen focus was maintained on the clear financial impact the current ways of working were damaging the company’s reputation, and financial success.

Emotional Intelligence skills were explored including impulse control, self management, relationship skills, assertiveness, decision making, trust and empathy. These ‘soft skills’ were acknowledged by managers as one of the missing links which had limited their individual and collective success to date.


 "I have worked with Scott and Summit for a number of years on a number of training and development projects. Their approach is thoughtful in considering organisational requirements and thorough in terms of programme delivery and reinforcement.

They rightly value themselves on integrity and gaining a full understanding of the context of needs in both the development and delivery of solutions. Summit has delivered successful team building and self improvement programmes for us in climates of significant change to the business."

A Hodgson, Senior HR Manager


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Posted by on November 9, 2015