IT Leader's Group- Henley Business School Oxfordshire


 IT leaders are renowned for their technical expertise, foresight and ability to meticulously challenge, question and use information to produce a pre-defined outcome.  The challenge encountered by many IT leaders is that they excel with code, but often, the human aspects of ‘getting the job done’ can sometimes be missing.

 An audience of 45 IT leaders invited Summit to share with them Emotional Intelligence skills that would enable them to understand how they could best develop high trust relationships with internal clients and stakeholders, equip and enable their IT teams to work more closely with internal clients throughout the project cycle- rather than in isolation until project implementation, and satisfy client requirements more efficiently and cost effectively.


 Summit Founder and acknowledged Emotional Intelligence expert Scott Watson, delivered a highly interactive, thought provoking Emotional Intelligence Masterclass in Oxfordshire which involved a series of carefully selected individual and team activities, each designed to draw out greater self awareness, and understanding of how ‘Auto Pilot’ working can unintentionally damage trust, project success, and results in a heavy financial cost to their organisations.

 Audience members left the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass knowing what they could do, and had to do, to deliver a more efficient, friendly, and cost effective service to their internal clients and stakeholders.

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Posted by on November 9, 2015