Chwarae Teg- Managing Remote Teams Training


 Managing remote teams can be a real challenge for even the most agile, forward-thinking organisation with a bottomless budget to invest in maximising operational effectiveness and results.  But, for a small charity, with limited resources and funds, the same challenges arise, and need to be addressed.

 The client was facing significant challenges in ensuring that its remote team members clearly understood organisational priorities, performance expectations, and the need to deliver time sensitive, and in some cases, politically sensitive projects on time, to the highest standard. 


Summit designed and facilitated an action-packed Managing Remote Teams training course in Cardiff which exposed participants to a range of team challenges which accurately reflected the pressures they each experience on a daily basis within their organisation.

 Participants were heavily involved in thought-provoking, relevant activities that drew out key learning points which could them be explored further with facilitated discussion.  By the close of the Managing Remote Teams course, participants possessed a proven, practical and highly valuable toolkit which would enable them to better manage themselves, organisational priorities, quality, and collaboration throughout the team, who had to operate without the luxury of much face to face contact.


 ‘I am pleased to say that our recent Managing Remote Teams training course far exceeded my initial expectations.  

 The content of the management course was thoroughly researched, demonstrating the extensive knowledge and experience of Summit Training.  The Management Training did a good job of reinforcing the key message, drawing attention to significant points, and revealing new approaches, most of which have now been implemented by the staff that attended.

 The interactive elements of the Managing Remote Teams course expertly demonstrated the problems faced by those who manage remote teams, and with the guidance of the Trainer, we were able to discuss and define processes to ensure any future issues with managing remote teams are well handled.

 I am confident to recommend Summit Training as a professional and exciting management training provider and we are pleased to be one of their clients.

H Dunne

Project Manager


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Posted by on November 9, 2015