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Summit's team building events and management training courses in Leicester are packed with thought-provoking and positively challenging activities, as well as time-tested, practical tools, techniques and principles you can apply immediately.

Team building events in Leicester are designed from groups as small as six participants up to one hundred or more. Lots of fun, invigorating and collaborative, your team building event will be carefully designed to match your organisation's specific requirement so you achieve the best possible value.

Management Training courses in Leicester include Bullying and Harassment Awareness Training, Unconscious Bias Training, Appraisal Skills Training, the highly popular People Management Essentials and Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers courses.

- Management Training in Leicester.

Management Training venues in leicester

Choosing the right venue for your team building events and management training courses in Leicester is important. If your offices have sufficient space you can hold your event there.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have your training course away from the office so everyone can focus purely on their learning with each other, an off-site venue would be worthwhile.

The Leicester Marriott Hotel is worth considering due to its high quality service and environment.

Grove Park, Smith Way,
Leicester LE19 1SW

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