- Founder & Emotional Intelligence Expert

Scott Watson

Founder and Managing Director, Scott Watson is an acknowledged expert in Emotional Intelligence and its successful application in the organisational development arena.

Following a successful 12-year career with a leading UK bank, in October 1999 Scott resigned from the relative comfort and security of corporate life to follow his passion. Summit was launched from a standing start on a bootstrap budget from his spare bedroom.

21 years on, Summit has attracted clients from around the world across a multitude of industry sectors.

Summit's focus on delivering measurable value for clients rather than simply 'training' or 'coaching' or 'consultancy' has paid great dividends. 60% of Summit clients are retainer clients.

Away from Summit, Scott is proud father to Emilia, an avid outdoor explorer and Yoga practitioner.

- Director of Learning & Executive Coach

Dirk Bansch

Dirk is Director of Learning at Summit.

He joined Summit in 2001 and leads major client projects alongside collaborating with Scott on research projects.

His passion for equipping new and established leaders and managers with the tools and skills they need to truly succeed, Dirk's work is truly international. Projects include developing Emotionally Intelligent leaders in Bahrain to fast-tracking senior managers in Sydney, Australia.

A German national who has resided in York for 23 years, Dirk is a Certified Master Trainer of the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 psychometric assessment tools.

- Mental Health Awareness Lead

Martin Roberts

Underpinned by his own personal experience of mental trauma on 15th April 1989 as a survivor of the Hillsborough football disaster, then 28 years later when three family traumas hit him in quick succession, Martin found himself on the brink of suicide.

The three deeply human, courageous words that resulted in Martin taking a different route? 'I need help'.

Martin does not simply share his story; he shares with you and your colleagues practical tips, tools and techniques which can be used immediately.

Martin is Mental Health Lead for a major UK bank, not an employee of Summit. We do though admire Martin's candid, authentic approach to spreading the message of the importance of mental health. Our informal exploration of the link between Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence is designed to serve as many people as possible.

- Emotional Intelligence Coach

Gudrun Boost

Gudrun is based in Denmark and delivers our training, coaching and consultancy solutions to clients in Denmark.

A Certified EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Practitioner, Gudrun regularly uses these scientifically-validated psychometric assessment tools as part of senior leadership and management development programmes.

Gudrun has a special interest in equipping organisations with the tools required to deliver meaningful change quickly and efficiently.

Clients including Government offices, privately owned businesses as well as publicly quoted companies have benefited from Gudrun's unique perspective and skills.

- Emotional Intelligence Coach & Management Training Facilitator

Rob Hoblin

Formerly a senior police officer, Rob's experience in the leadership and management training space is immense.

He has travelled extensively to many of the continents of the world delivering leadership training and executive coaching.

Rob is personable, energetic and enthusiastic and enjoys learning from others whilst also willing to share his own knowledge and experience.

He is a certified EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Practitioner, and is passionate about developing leaders, managers and teams that partner their technical prowess with a healthy level of Emotional Intelligence.

Based in Newbury, Rob takes care of client projects in the South West region of the UK as well as Central London.

Rob is in high demand for Unconscious Bias training, Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers, Leadership Coaching and EQ-i 2.0 Coaching.

- Emotional Intelligence Coach & Management Training Facilitator

James O'Brien

Before joining the Summit team, James was Learning and Development Manager for Veolia.

His vast experience in designing, delivering and evaluating the commercial impact of development programmes including leadership development, management development, graduate development and more, enables James to bring a clear commercial benefit focus to Summit clients.

Based in Derbyshire, James takes care of client projects throughout Derbyshire and the Midlands areas.

James is a Certified EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Practitioner and is in high demand for 1-2-1 Emotional Intelligence Coaching for leaders and managers.

James' training courses focuses on Emotional Intelligence for Managers, Developing Dynamic Teams and New Manager Training.

Away from Summit James is an outdoor fanatic who enjoys wild camping and long countryside walks.

- Emotional Intelligence Coach

Suzy Couper

Suzy's background is in successful B2B sales.

Having 'cut her teeth' in a challenging market, Suzy identified that successful selling is as much about developing high trust, win-win relationships with prospective buyers as it is the product of service being promoted.

Suzy's inquisitive mind led her to study Emotional Intelligence and its impact on personal, professional and organisational performance.

She subsequently invested in becoming globally certified in the world's most credible Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessments, the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 tools.

- Emotional Intelligence Coach & Unconscious Bias Training Facilitator

Mark Corder

A former senior police officer, Mark's extensive first-hand experience of having to communicate to diverse audiences, sometimes in high-stakes situations, means he can bring a reality to learning which other facilitators and coaches could easily overlook or completely miss.

A calm and reassuring, often understated individual, Mark is used to working in high-pressure situations, and he has a vast experience of leadership and in managing relationships. Since leaving policing in 2012, Mark has delivered face-to-face training and coaching in more than a dozen countries, and many more online. Mark’s experience is wide-ranging, working with private and public sector organisations and individuals.

A Certified EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Practitioner, Mark uses these industry-leading psychometric assessment tools to underpin leadership development coaching and management development training programmes. Mark is also knowledgeable and experienced in Equality & Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias.


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