- Management Training and Team Building courses in Lancaster.

Why Management Training with Summit?

The quality of management training courses being offered in the corporate arena in the UK is at best, varied. This is especially the case in the arenas of Emotional Intelligence, Unconscious Bias and Bullying and Harassment Awareness training.

Linkedin has many individuals claiming to be an 'Emotional Intelligence expert'. But few are actually qualified in the subject. At best, many have simply read a few books and linked EQ concepts to their own offering.

At Summit, its different. Each team member is globally recognised as an authority in Emotional Intelligence. Popular management training courses include Managing Remote Teams training, Presentation Skills training, Appraisal Skills Training and Coaching Skills for Managers.

For team building events, the Win Together, Lose Together event continues to lead the way in developing a cohesive, accountable team that delivers great results consistently.

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- Management Training and Team Building courses in Lancaster.

Management training Lancaster

You can choose whether to hold your Management Training course or team building course at your offices or off-site.

An off-site venue does provide learners with the opportunity to focus fully on learning without the day-to-day workplace distractions.

Our preferred venue in Lancaster is the Holiday Inn.

Waterside Park Caton Road, Lancaster,
LA1 3RA.

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