Time Management Training

What is the course about?

Is it possible that your team members aren’t being as efficient or effective as they could be at managing their time, priorities and focus? Would you like them to add even more value to your organisation?

This hands-on Time Management training course will equip you with a toolbox of time-tested, easy to apply time management skills and techniques that will enable you to immediately and easily change the way you invest your time, energy and focus, to deliver improved workplace performance.

Who will benefit?

Front-line employees and teams who facing increasing pressure to deliver first-class results, excellent quality and achieve targets in a hectic environment.

What you will learn on the course

  1. How your current perception of ‘Important, ‘Urgent’ and ‘Not Important’ are damaging your effectiveness
  2. Why managing technology is becoming a big headache, and how to manage it effectively
  3. How your brain reacts to when presented with tasks you do and don’t enjoy doing
  4. Why effective delegation and support is vital to your time management success
  5. How to get the job done more quickly, more accurately and more effectively
  6. How to use technology to stop unscheduled interruptions and be more effective
  7. How to escape the 'firefighting' habit and refocus your energy
  8. Manage expectations and deadlines more confidently and effectively
  9. Identify where your time disappears - and how to regain control of your schedule
  10. How to negotiate deadlines which boost quality and develop a 'Right First Time, On Time, Every Time' standard
  11. How to bring it all together to use in your organisation

How will this course benefit your organisation?

You will be equipped with the tools, skills, techniques and self-management skills that will enable you to easily implement a more worthwhile, proactive method of adding value to your organisation by focusing on 'delivering value' rather than 'completing tasks'.


This is a hands-on, thought provoking one day Time Management training course.

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