Negotiation Skills Training

Who will benefit? 

To provide anyone responsible for presenting to audiences with a toolbox packed full of proven, practical and win-win methods of preparing for, undertaking and completing a sensitive negotiation in any workplace situation.

Many senior and middle managers book this programme to assist them in negotiating upwards, influencing downwards and for dealing with sensitive workplace situations such as poor performance, appraisal review disagreements, improving team motivation and enhancing productivity and efficiency.

What will we learn?

  • Prepare quickly and effectively for any challenging negotiation
  • Begin with the end in mind when preparing their negotiation points
  • Develop and maintain a high-trust relationship during a sensitive negotiation
  • Anticipate and address potential key objections and needs of their negotiation counterpart
  • Consider alternative methods of reaching a worthwhile, win-win outcome
  • How to respond to aggressive negotiators
  • Consider consequences of your negotiation decisions in advance
  • Present counter-arguments and trade-offs positively
  • Develop genuine collaboration and commitment to creating a win-win
  • Provide worthwhile alternatives to rejected proposals
  • Create genuine value for your counterpart to consider during the negotiation
  • Ensure that neither party risks losing face when a deal is agreed

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