Facilitation Skills Training

What is the course about?

The most effective facilitators enable groups to embrace change, face up to the reality of organisational change, and, enable people and teams within your organisation to perform optimally.

The enabling facilitator can quickly develop high levels of trust, credibility and collaboration with their audience, and this is crucial to promoting authentic dialogue.  Collecting, clarifying, understanding and proactively using information is a vital part of a facilitators role, and Summit can help you develop credible, enabling facilitators within your organisation.

Who will benefit?

Project Managers, Trainers, HR Professionals and Executives who wish or need to navigate organisational change, implement organisational initiatives more effectively, understand internal and external customer needs and wants more precisely, or create a more proactive, outcome-focused organisation.

What will we learn?

  • The essential competencies and skills of an effective facilitator
  • How to position yourself as a Facilitator of learning rather than a Trainer
  • How to effectively plan and structure a facilitated group session
  • How to respond to disruptive and/or self-serving behaviour  
  • Why and how to clearly focus on achieving pre-defined learning outcomes
  • How to stay on track and on message through effective audience management
  • How to understand and deal with diverse group dynamics and disagreement
  • The need for and value of precision questioning to gather accurate and worthwhile information
  • How, why and when to include audience group and individual activities to stimulate creative thinking
  • What to do and what not to do next with the information you collect

Organisational Benefits

More credible, trusted and competent facilitators who can quickly and easily design, facilitate and evaluate group discussions, action learning groups and sensitive organisational meetings.


A highly interactive one day introduction, and an immersive two day facilitation skills training courses are available.

Learning is reinforced with a 60-day access pass to our online, invitation-only coaching portal.  This serves to maximise the successful transfer of new skills back to your workplace so you achieve a long-term return on your investment in facilitation skills training.

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