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Amid continuing central government cutbacks to funding, the Council wanted to explore methods of maintaining quality and service standards during a period of uncertainty.

Key to maintaining standards was developing managers who understood the need for and value of emotionally intelligent people management.  In an organisation which is accountable to its residents, achieving more with less funds and resources is quite a challenge.


Summit MD Scott Watson, developed and presented a thought-provoking and involving Emotional Intelligence keynote presentation to an audience of managers in Leeds exploring how emotionally intelligent managers could engage, equip and encourage their teams to deliver even better customer service, more quickly, effectively and collaboratively.

Scott’s keynote presentation included practical tips on how to:

  • Boost employee engagement, commitment and motivation
  • Communicate more collaboratively, confidently and incisively
  • Manage organisational change more proactively and efficiently
  • Remove barriers and obstacles that currently block optimal team performance


Summit was appointed to deliver a 60 minute Emotional Intelligence keynote presentation to an audience of predominantly Council managers during a period of significant change for the organisation.

The purpose of the presentation was to equip management with a suite of practical tools, techniques and skills that would enable them to get the best from themselves, the best from their teams, and positively address common challenges and problems they face.

Scott Watson of Summit collaborated with us to design a bespoke keynote presentation that matched our organisational needs as well as the needs of our audience.  Scott’s keynote mixed thought provoking information and relevant case studies with a collaborative and entertaining presentation style which quickly engaged audience members.

Audience feedback from the event has been extremely positive and I am happy to recommend Summit and Scott Watson.

David Sharples
Learning and Development Officer
Directorate of Communities, Transformation and Change Kirklees Council

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Posted by on February 26, 2015