Vinh Giang Emotional Intelligence Coaching Testimonial

Top online entrepreneur and international keynote speaker Vinh Giang appointed Summit Founder Scott Watson to support his personal and professional development with Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

Even though the two have never met in person (in the same geographical location), the very successful leadership coaching which led to Vinh producing this video feedback, was completed using Skype and FaceTime.

Emotional Intelligence training and coaching, when undertaken prudently, is proven to deliver measurable commercial benefit to an organisation.

Vinh Giang is amongst the world’s most in-demand entrepreneurship speakers, originally from Adelaide, Australia and now based in Los Angeles, USA.  An increasing number of corporate leaders and directors are becoming involved in leadership development training and coaching which focuses more on the development of Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies.

Have you ever worked for a leader or manager who excelled technically but wasn’t so great to be around?  Might one of more of their Emotional Intelligence competencies have been out of balance?

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Posted by on March 5, 2018

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