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360 Degree Coaching Tips

How To Set Up Your 360-Degree Coaching For Results

The inclusion of a relevant 360 degree assessment and coaching programme in leadership development and management development projects can be a powerful catalyst for positive change. 

At least, if undertaken correctly and focused on creating meaningful value for the participant as well as your organisation. If not, you could simply waste your hard-earned budget.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of 360 degree assessment and coaching and explore a few of the many benefits a 360 degree coaching programme can offer.

What is a 360 Degree Psychometric Assessment?

A 360 degree assessment, also known as multi-rater feedback or multi-source assessment, is a holistic evaluation method designed to provide the individual with comprehensive insights into their strengths and areas deserving attention and improvement. 

Unlike traditional performance appraisals, which are often top-down and can be over reliant on historical data, the 360 degree assessment gathers specific feedback from a diverse variety of sources. This typically includes line manager, peers, subordinates, stakeholders. Alongside a self-assessment, painting a well-rounded portrait of an individual's competencies, personal impact and behaviours.

The Value of Objectivity

One of the foremost advantages of a 360 degree assessment is its objectivity. By obtaining specific feedback from various perspectives, biases are minimised, providing a more accurate representation of the individual's performance and impact. This objectivity empowers the individual to gain a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted self improvement efforts and change.

Identifying Personal Growth Priorities

The feedback derived from a 360 degree assessment serves as a compass for personal and professional development. It identifies specific areas that require awareness and deserve attention, enabling the individual to set precise development goals and value focused action plans. Through this structured and accountable approach, the individual can easily and accurately chart their growth with clarity.

The Role of Coaching

Specialist coaching is the mechanism that turns the specific insights gained from a 360 degree assessment into tangible growth. It is a collaborative process between a coach and an individual, focused on enhancing self awareness, performance, achieving goals, and unlocking untapped potential. 

The role of the 360 degree feedback coach is to accurately translate the psychometric assessment report in to meaningful chunks of information which engages the participant and enables her or him to choose to engage with their development.

Personalised Coaching

The personalised nature of 360 degree coaching means that the ‘one size fits all’ approach to personal and professional development doesn’t get a look in. 

The coach works closely with the individual to understand their unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations. Through this tailored approach, individuals receive guidance that is specifically tailored to their needs.

Before this though, agreeing the specific goals of the 360 degree coaching programme with the project sponsor is vital.  If this step is not included, results will likely be diluted due to the absence of clarity on the goal.

Accountability and Support

360 degree coaching with Summit provides a proven, structured framework for the individual to willingly remain accountable for their progress against development objectives. Your Summit coach offers unwavering support, serving as both mentors and motivators throughout the journey.

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