Unconscious Bias Trainer Certification

- Unconscious Bias Trainer Certification

Unconscious Bias Trainer Certification

In today's diverse and dynamic workplace, fostering an inclusive environment is paramount for the success and growth of every organisation.

In recent years, unconscious bias training has emerged as a crucial tool to address biases that may exist within the workforce, from the very top right down to the most junior employees.

Unconscious bias training when done correctly, doesn't just promote diversity and inclusion. It promotes greater individual and collective awareness. Awareness of how sometimes the brain looking for shortcuts can cause problems. Problems you may not be aware of at the time. The good thing is, awareness leads to greater personal ownership and wider choices.

Stop Relying On External Training Support

It is all too easy for your organisation to appoint an external training partner to provide unconscious bias training courses for your employees. This solution does have its place and can add genuine value. It does though come at a risk. Many training companies and HR consultancies offer unconscious bias training courses.

The problem is, few appear to actually understand the subject in any detail. I have personally observed a 'copy and paste' approach from popular books presented as the consultancies' own research and models. Completely unethical, dishonest even.

The solution Summit promotes heavily is encouraging HR leader to invest in certifying their own team members to deliver such training in-house. Developing greater self-reliance in-house can deliver numerous benefits, as well as save money too.

Having certified unconscious bias trainers in-house allows your organisation to:-

  1. Tailor training programmes specifically to your organisation's culture, ensuring maximum relevance and effectiveness.

  2. Quickly respond proactively to emerging issues or specific training needs within your organisation, providing timely interventions and support as required.

  3. Save money as in-house certified unconscious bias trainers can create significant cost savings compared to outsourcing training to external providers.

  4. Continuous Improvement is relatively easy to focus on as internal unconscious bias trainers can refine and improve training materials and delivery methods based on feedback, evaluation, and evolving best practices.

  5. Leading by example as certified unconscious bias trainers provides valuable professional development for your HR team members and meaningful learning opportunities for employees.

Which Unconscious Bias Trainer Partner Do You Choose?

Choosing a credible external learning partner is crucial to the effectiveness of unconscious bias training. Look for a partner with proven expertise in the subject, partnered with verifiable client testimonials and relevant professional certifications.

Assess the potential partners' learning approach, methodology, and resources to ensure you are absolutely clear on what your organisation is potentially investing in.

For Unconscious Bias Trainer Certification training, facilitated by an expert trainer, get in touch.

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