Training Courses for New Managers

Training Courses for New Managers


Selecting which training course for new managers will be best suited to your new managers and deliver best value for your organisation can be a challenge.

Points which deserve to be considered carefully prior to selecting an external management development training partner include:-

  1. What actual value does the organisation want to achieve from its investment in management training?

  2. How will any management training for your new managers be reinforced and successfully embedded within your organisation?

  3. What self management skills and tools do new managers need and deserve to learn before they actually learn about how to successfully manage others?  

  4. Will a Standard, off the shelf management training course be sufficient for your requirements or might a tailored solution be more beneficial?  

  5. What do you reasonably expect from your external management training partner in terms of track record, specific expertise, facilitation approach, and guidance for you on how to make the learning ‘stick’ longer term without their ongoing involvement?


Self Management Training


One aspect of management development often and easily overlooked is the fact that so many well-meaning and motivated people managers become so focused on managing others effectively, that they forget that they need to manage themselves effectively first. 

For example, if a new manager or even established manager possesses a high level of Empathy (caring for others), s/he may value harmony in relationships so much that s/he avoids initiating or engaging in conversations which may disrupt the harmony s/he values, or even craves.  The result?  Tough messages don’t get communicated, so nobody can learn, and nothing will change.  Even when it really needs to change.

Alternatively, if a manager demonstrates a high level of Assertiveness and low level of Impulse Control, what is a potential outcome for colleagues?  The managers assertive tone is received as command, control and comply rather than a more collaborative and balanced approach to communication.  Highly assertive communication and impact can feel punishing rather than nourishing for recipients.  Partnered with a low level of Impulse Control, the ‘bright shiny object’ syndrome of poor focus and attention is a potential recipe for personal and collective disaster.

What is a Solution?

The People Management Essentials for New Managers training course explores firstly how to manage yourself successfully, and then progresses on to how to get the best from and with your team members, peers, line manager and stakeholders.  This immersive one or two day training course for new managers is packed full of time-tested, proven and practical management tools which can be immediately applied by managers.  Take a look through the link below and do get in touch if you would like to chat with a member of the Summit team.

Posted by on September 15, 2020

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