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- Management Training Courses in Norwich.

Why management training with Summit?

Summit knows that effective leadership and management are at the heart of a successful organisation and emotionally engaged workforce.

Twenty three years of developing and facilitating leadership development training for Board level and senior management teams has consistently delivered fast and lasting improvements in awareness and collective performance.

Explore Summit's unique range of leadership development courses in Norwich to see which solution best fits your organisation's requirement.

Management Training courses in Norwich include People Management Essentials, Appraisal Skills Training, Bullying and Harassment Awareness training, Presentation Skills Training and Unconscious Bias Training for Managers.

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- Management Training in Norwich.

Management Training options near you

Summit offers a unique suite of management training courses in Norwich and Norfolk. Each training course can be delivered on or off-site as you prefer.

An off-site venue provides the opportunity for managers to focus fully on learning without distractions.

If you have a preferred venue for events in please let us know.

Your Management Training course or Unconscious Bias training course will be facilitated by an acknowledged subject expert. Meet the team.

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