Leadership Development training programmes with Summit take you one critical and possibly unprecedented step further than many learning provided by the majority of leadership development consultancies.

They deliver value quickly. Lasting value!

Leadership Development training with us enables you to implement what you learn instantly, easily and effectively - so you start to see improvements in no time at all. And once that happens, the sky’s the limit.

We’ve ripped away the veils of psychobabble, excluded theory which, whilst interesting, isn't really relevant to developing high performing leaders and leadership teams.

Developing leaders that others choose to follow is a serious business. But, it can also be fun, as well as intellectually challenging and personally fulfilling.

Summit has put developed a most comprehensive suite of leadership development training courses that stand alone in terms of value for your organisation, and its employees.

Personal Impact Training

Summit’s Personal Impact Training helps leaders become aware of how their body language, management style, and communication preferences affect their team, and how to adjust their behaviour to boost team productivity and engagement.

Win Together Lose Together

Even the most experienced teams need the chance to refresh and refocus. Summit’s We Win Together, We Lose Together team training day is designed to help teams old and new to do just that.

Leadership Team Alignment

Summit’s Leadership Team Alignment Workshop begins by establishing a team’s existing Emotional Intelligence competencies. Our expert facilitator then guides participants through a variety of interactive exercises and engaging discussions aimed at developing the skills needed to optimise the effectiveness of their team.

Leadership Team Masterclass

Summit’s Leadership Team Masterclass is an action-packed one-day event specifically designed to help your team break free of these burdens and realise their potential as confident, respected, and emotionally intelligent leaders.

Leadership Team Optimiser

Summit’s Leadership Team Optimiser is a focused and engaging event that utilises Emotional Intelligence principles to take leadership teams to the next level. The training is designed to facilitate improvements in relationships, communication, and effectiveness to ensure the team can reach their potential.

360 Coaching Feedback

Designed to aid leaders, managers and technical experts in discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and use this greater self-awareness to cultivate the skills they require to lead others , and manage themselves, more effectively.

Solution Focused Thinking

Summit’s Solution Focused Thinking for Leaders training is six hours of practical problem-solving, using Solution Focused Thinking principles to equip you with a toolkit of techniques that will allow you to confidently conquer any and all problems that come your way.

Emotionally Intelligent Leader

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader Programme is an intensive and dynamic course that enables leaders to cultivate an array of vital emotional intelligence skills and embed them in every aspect of their work.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Leaders

Across six to twelve weeks of virtual emotional intelligence coaching, you will pursue and achieve your unique Emotional Intelligence goals, review them under expert guidance, and refine your newfound skills to realise your full potential as a leader.
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If you want to run of the mill training course which explores boring theory, complex psychobabble and is Powerpoint slide training, Summit really isn’t the development partner for you.

Enjoy a genuinely win-win collaboration with a carefully selected team of subject experts.

Measurable and sustainable improvements in performance in your key areas.

Our team has an arsenal of cutting-edge training, coaching and interventions that equip, enable organisations to make a positive shift in focus and performance.

Unique blend of expert facilitation, hands-on, challenging individual and team activities.

Changing long help habits to make learning fun, challenging and feel completely natural.

Focused on your organisation plus learner priorities, we help your team develop new thinking alongside new skills development.

it all starts with a chat.

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