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Leadership development training solutions that address your organisation's most pressing challenges quickly and create positive momentum safely.

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Leadership Development training programmes with Summit take you one critical, and possibly unprecedented, step further than many courses provided by the majority of leadership development consultancies. Achievement of measurable results.

Developing leaders that others choose to follow and willingly collaborate with is a serious business. But it can also be fun, intellectually stimulating, positively challenging and personally fulfilling.

Our comprehensive suite of leadership development training courses stand alone in terms of value for your organisation and its employees.


"If you are seeking a meaningful improvement in your leadership team's effectiveness, Summit is an excellent choice."
Kevin Smith
 - Support Services Director, Tracsis PLC

our leadership training courses

When you have identified which leadership development training course or executive coaching programme best suits your organisation's requirements, you're welcome to get in touch for a chat.

C Suite Executive Coaching

Designed to deliver great personal and professional value for you the trusting leaders, C-suite executive coaching delivers worthwhile results fast, without distracting you from your most important priorities and goals.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Leaders

6 to 12 weeks of 1-2-1 virtual coaching, you will pursue, review and achieve your unique Emotional Intelligence development goals. Truly accountable coaching endorsed by global brands and SME leaders. From £1397.

We Win Together We Lose Together Team Event

Our most popular leadership team event, this action-packed event is designed to help your leadership teams to win together more often though collective accountability, mutual trust and focus on value creation. From £1397.

personal impact training for leaders

All eyes are on the leader. Especially during times of change. This thought-provoking training enables leaders to maximise impact in a range of situations from presenting, motivating a team, through to holding a tough talk. From £1397.

360 Coaching Feedback

Designed to aid leaders and technical experts in discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and use this greater self-awareness to cultivate the skills required to lead others and manage themselves more effectively. From £1697.

Leadership Team Alignment

Our expert facilitator guides participants through a variety of interactive exercises and engaging discussions designed to develop the skills needed to optimise the effectiveness of your team. From £3397 (2 day event).

Leadership Team Masterclass

An action-packed one-day event designed to help your team break free of obstacles blocking optimal performance and easily implement (and maintain) a new standard for teamwork, trust and value creation. From £1397.

Leadership Team Optimiser

Focused, engaging and positively challenging, this event utilises Emotional Intelligence principles to move your leadership team to a new level of trust, engagement, cross team collaboration and effectiveness. From £3397 (2 day event).

Solution Focused Thinking

Six involving hours of practical problem-solving, using Solution Focused Thinking principles and practical tools and skills that will allow you and your team to confidently conquer any and all problems that come your way. From £1397.

Leading with EI

This programme is an intensive and dynamic course that enables your leaders to cultivate, test and apply an array of vital EI skills and successfully embed them in your organisation. From £2797 (2 days).

Presentation skills training course

Learn how to present like a seasoned pro with an international keynote speaker.
- Leadership Training and C Suite Coaching

My personal commitment to you and your organisation

Summit was founded in 1999 because of my overwhelmingly disappointing experience of leadership development and management development consultancies.

While holding a specialised L & D management position within a UK plc, it seemed external consultancies were more focused on fee generation, and looking for the next opportunity to sell a training or coaching offering, than delivering any meaningful or lasting value for my employer.

I decided to take on the market. Leaving the relative comfort of a major employer to start Summit from scratch, with no money in the bank, but an abundance of passion, focus and expertise, Summit is now 24 years old.

My team and I bring the same passion, focus and expertise to you and your organisation. Our goal being to help you become more self-reliant - rather than dependent on an external partner.

Scott Watson
Founder & Managing Director

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If you want a run of the mill training course which explores boring theory, complex psychobabble and is Powerpoint slide training, Summit really isn’t the development partner for you.

Enjoy a genuinely win-win collaboration with a carefully selected team of subject experts.

Measurable and sustainable improvements in performance in your key areas.

Our team is committed to helping your organisation change focus and quickly boost performance.

Unique blend of expert facilitation, hands-on, challenging individual and team activities.

Changing long help habits to make learning fun, challenging and feel completely natural.

Focused on your organisation plus learner priorities, we help your team develop new thinking alongside new skills development.


It all starts with a chat.