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- Leadership Development Training Courses in Hamburg.

Quickly develop high performing managers

Committing to developing high performing, value creating and authentically engaging leaders within your organisation is commendable.

Summit's leadership training courses in Hamburg include Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Leaders, Leadership Team Alignment, Win Together Lose Together and Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

When you collaborate with the specialist team at Summit, your leaders will push the fast-forward button on their personal and professional development. This means that your organisation can begin to operate at a completely different, more effective and productive level.

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- Leadership Development Courses in Hamburg.

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Your leadership development training course can be held at your office in Hamburg or at an off-site venue.

Your training course will be facilitated by a recognised subject expert and presented in English.

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- Hamburg Emotional Intelligence Training Venue

Management Training and Emotional Intelligence Training in Hamburg.

Summit management training and Emotional Intelligence training and Leadership Development training courses.

Our preferred Hamburg training venue is the Radisson BLU Hotel, Hamburg.


Summit leadership development and management training courses are packed full with fantastic opportunities for learning, applying and absorbing our vast knowledge base of management tools, skills and techniques.

Each course weaves together a fascinating combination of information, hands-on activity, group discussion and self-review. The built-in activities keep your brain stimulated, engaged, and learning throughout. We have designed our leadership development and management training and unconscious bias training courses to optimise motivation to transfer the new skills, tools and techniques back to your workplace so you benefit long-term.

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