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Technically competent and credible managers operating in a time-driven environment were struggling to manage their time, engage team members and maximise on-time delivery of challenging business priorities.  Managers had been promoted due to their technical competence in a non-related role and hadn't undertaken any structured management training.  

Their top priority was to become more effective managers of themselves, their team members, motivate team members to take more personal ownership of their productivity and quality, and develop Emotional Intelligence skills which could boost employee engagement.


A hands-on two day management training programme in London immersed managers in a learning environment which acknowledged what they already did well, and explored different ways of managing themselves, managing efficiency, and proactively managing and engaging team members.  

Managers became more self-aware, improved their personal impact when communicating with team members, managed poor performance more confidently, and achieved more in less time with fewer, financially costly errors.  The client’s financial benefit of the management training was significant.


‘Summit provided Breakthrough Coaching for three managers working for TNT Post UK Ltd.  The coaching has proved invaluable to the individuals concerned and the feedback from the business has been glowing.

The skilled tailoring of each management coaching session to meet individual needs has helped to ensure that colleagues immediately feel at ease, and that the learning is applicable in the workplace.

The business has seen consistent improvements in results from the individuals involved in the management training, and their teams.  When compared to traditional management training courses, the investment in the Breakthrough Coaching approach has proved excellent value for money.'

Training and Development Manager
TNT Post

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Posted by on August 6, 2015