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Emotional Intelligence Training Courses

Emotional intelligence (EI) has emerged as a crucial component for success in the business landscape and personal life too. Organisations that understand the significance of and need for Emotional Intelligence in their workplaces, and implement it into their culture tend to excel remarkably.

At Summit, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive, result-oriented Emotional Intelligence training courses, each designed to foster productivity, collaboration, leadership, teamwork and overall well-being.

Why Emotional Intelligence is a Game-Changer

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand, and manage our emotions and that of others. It's an indispensable asset in navigating through the complexities of successfully managing self as well as interpersonal relationships in professional and personal arenas. By understanding our own emotions and recognising those of others, we can respond to different situations appropriately, build stronger relationships, confidently initiate an awkward conversation, and make better quality decisions too.

Unlocking Potential Through Emotional Intelligence Training

Summit Emotional Intelligence training courses goes beyond mere theory. Our globally certified Emotional Intelligence facilitators delve into practical, research-backed strategies to help individuals and teams within your organisation unlock their full potential.

This section explores various aspects of our EI training courses.

Personalised Approach to Emotional Intelligence Training

Understanding that each individual and organisation has unique needs, challenges and goals, Summit provides expertly designed, tailored Emotional Intelligence training courses. We take the time to truly understand your unique circumstances, tailoring our training to meet, and surpass your expectations.

Result-Oriented Emotional Intelligence Training

Our training courses are designed to deliver tangible results. We focus on equipping your colleagues with practical, proven, actionable Emotional Intelligence skills that can be applied immediately to create positive change in a diverse range of situations.

Holistic Development Through Emotional Intelligence Training

At Summit, we know that Emotional Intelligence contributes to holistic organisational development. Our training courses are aimed at fostering not just professional growth, but personal growth as well, cultivating a balanced and fulfilling life. With mental health and wellbeing remaining high on many organisational agendas, this is a vital aspect to include in learning.

Comprehensive Emotional Intelligence Training Solutions

Our Emotional Intelligence training solutions span a wide spectrum, from corporate training for teams and leaders to one-to-one coaching underpinned with the world's most credible and trusted EQ psychometric assessment tools.

Here's an overview of what's available to you and your organisation:

Corporate Emotional Intelligence Training

Summit corporate Emotional Intelligence training focuses on fostering a conducive environment where EI is nurtured, cultivated and reinforced. We help your organisation leverage Emotional Intelligence to enhance productivity, improve teamwork, and develop transformational leaders and high performing managers.

Individual Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Summit offers individual coaching programmes to help individuals understand and improve their Emotional Intelligence. Coaching sessions are tailored and results-focused, with the Coach working closely with the individual to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies for personal and professional growth. The speed of positive change is often rapid, meaning your organisation can quickly achieve a meaningful return on its investment in coaching.

Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Summit workshops are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of Emotional Intelligence. Through interactive sessions, positively challenging activities and group review, participants learn to apply Emotional Intelligence principles, tools and skills in real-world scenarios.

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Success

When you learn with the Summit experts, Emotional Intelligence paves the way to improved communication, better decision-making, enhanced leadership skills, and overall wellbeing. By unlocking the power and value of Emotional Intelligence, you can navigate life's challenges with greater ease and achieve success in your personal and professional lives. A real win-win.

To learn more about how your organisation and employees can benefit from a tailored Emotional Intelligence training course, just complete the contact form.

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Everyone was highly impressed with the facilitation and content of the training.
B Paniyatou
 - HR Manager, Capel Manor College