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Team Building events for Managers

Team Building events for Managers

Fancy a team development event that doesn’t take all day, doesn’t involves rafts, ropes or fire walks, but delivers a worthwhile message, practical tools and engages and energises your teams?

3 hours is all you and your team needs to learn something worthwhile, be open to, and commit to more effective, healthier ways of working, communicating & collaborating, and deliver even more value for your organisation too.

You can of course enjoy a full day team building event, indoor or outdoor, and this is more of an immersive, intellectually challenging event which has layers of learning which can enable lasting positive change in the workplace.

Do feel free to get in touch if you would like to explore a team building event for your organisation.

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The specific outcomes I set for the project were delivered much more quickly than I anticipated.
P Gilroy
 - Head of Community Support Services, Denbighshire County Council