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The role of Emotional intelligence in project management

10 Benefits of Emotionally Intelligent Project Managers

  1. Improved Team Collaboration: Emotionally intelligent project managers foster a supportive environment, leading to improved team collaboration and productivity.

  2. Effective Conflict Resolution: The project manager uses their EI skills to understand different perspectives, facilitating effective conflict resolution that strengthens team relationships.

  3. Enhanced Two-Way Communication: Through clarity, empathy and understanding, these project managers enhance communication within the team, ensuring everyone is aligned towards project goals.

  4. Increased Adaptability: With effective self awareness and self management, emotionally intelligent project managers can adapt to changes and unexpected challenges more effectively than those who do not possess the requisite EI skills.

  5. Inspiring Leadership: The project manager leverages their emotional intelligence to engage, motivate and even inspire their teams, leading to increased engagement and commitment towards the project.

  6. Higher Quality Decision Making: By understanding their emotions and how they impact their thinking and decisions, these project managers can make more informed, rational choices, even when emotions are involved.

  7. Proactive Stress Management: Emotionally intelligent project managers can anticipate, identify and manage stressful situations effectively, ensuring it doesn’t adversely impact team productivity, engagement or project outcomes.

  8. Stronger Stakeholder Relationships: They use their EI skills to understand and meet stakeholder needs, also ensuring stakeholders understand their needs, thus building stronger relationships that benefits project delivery.

  9. Enhanced Project Performance: By integrating emotional intelligence into the project management process, these managers drive improved project performance and success.  Your organisation can more easily develop an engaging, commercially beneficial right first time, on time, every time project delivery standard.

  10. Higher Customer Satisfaction: Finally, emotionally intelligent project managers are able to better understand and meet customer expectations, leading to higher customer satisfaction.  Establishing clear, win-win boundaries at the outset of a project makes the project delivery journey smoother, with issues being reduced and, when they do occur, dealt with more proactively and transparently.

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