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- Management Training Courses in Stockport

What makes Summit unique?

Welcome to our exclusive range of management training courses in Stockport, where the standard approach to developing high performing managers and teams is rallied against.

Unlike generic training courses, ours are meticulously crafted by subject experts to address your organisation's specific challenges, performance issues, and growth aspirations.

For immersive and action-packed Management training courses and Leadership Training courses in Stockport that create a new level of effectiveness, performance and engagement, Summit could be a good match. 

Our unique suite of management training courses in Stockport include Emotional Intelligence for Managers training, the top-rated People Management Essentials, Appraisal Skills Training and thought-provoking Unconscious Bias and Bullying and Harassment Awareness training courses.

The most popular leadership development courses include Presentation Skills Training, the Leadership Team Masterclass and Emotionally Intelligent Leader programme.

Your training course is facilitated by a subject expert, passionate about helping learners to learn quickly, enjoy their learning and transfer learning back to your workplace. They're also good fun too!

To achieve a globally recognised qualification in Emotional Intelligence, the EQ-i 2.0 Certification Training course is worthy of consideration.

Facilitated by Mr Emotional Intelligence®, Scott Watson, achieving certification in the world's only scientifically validated, and most rigorously tested Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessment tools enables you to deliver immense value for your organisation or client.

Take a look at the EQ-i 2.0 brochure here.

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- Management Training Courses in Stockport

Training venue options near you

Summit’s leadership training and management training courses in Stockport can be held at your offices or off-site.

For an off-site venue our preferred training venue is the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport which provides each access from Manchester, Knutsford, Chester, Wilmslow and Blackburn.


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