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- Management Training Courses in Preston

What makes Summit unique?

Because there's no other organisation like yours, our management training courses in Preston are tailored to match your organisation's specific requirements. This means you achieve the best return on your investment, and learners enjoy an immersive learning experience.

One size really doesn't fit all where management development is concerned.

Whether you are planning to develop new managers or established managers, each Summit training course is meticulously crafted by subject experts to address your organisation's specific challenges, priorities and goals.

For immersive Management training courses and Leadership Training courses in Preston that are facilitated by subject experts, Summit might be a good match.

Our range of management training courses in Preston include Emotional Intelligence for Managers training, People Management Essentials which is an entry-level management training course, Appraisal Skills Training, Unconscious Bias and Bullying and Harassment Awareness training courses.

The most popular leadership development courses in Preston are Presentation Skills Training, the Leadership Team Masterclass and Emotionally Intelligent Leader programme.

Our aim is to deliver meaningful value for your organisation. That's why there's no boring Powerpoint slideshows; just positively challenging activities, expertly facilitated discussions and quite a few laughs too.

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- Management Training Courses in Preston

Training venue options near you

Summit’s leadership training and management training courses in Preston can be held at your offices or off-site.

For an off-site venue our preferred training venue is the Tickled Trout Hotel which provides each access from Manchester, Knutsford, Chester, Chorley and Southport.


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