Executive Coaching

What is the course about?

Senior leaders can often be so busy doing their job, that they neglect time to learn and develop skills that will enable them to be an even more effective leader, and explore how they can better manage themselves. Summit's Executive Coaching programmes have consistently added lasting value to organisations who collaborate with us.

Who will benefit?

Board level directors and senior leaders who wish to explore how to expand their skills set, boost effectiveness and actually enjoy the journey. Usually consisting of 2 coaching sessions per month for a minimum of 3 months, executives benefit greatly from our pragmatic, expert and timely input which leads to measurable improvements in effectiveness and performance.

What you will learn on the course

  1. How to equip, enable and encourage your teams to perform optimally
  2. How to achieve more in less time with fewer headaches
  3. How to develop Emotional Intelligence leadership skills
  4. Assist you in resolving a pressing organisational problem
  5. Develop a more authentic leadership style which inspires engagement
  6. Help a new leader hit the ground running and deliver results more quickly
  7. How to proactively tackle and resolve a performance or relationship issue in your team
  8. How to present your ideas and recommendations more powerfully
  9. How to manage multiple projects and conflicting deadlines more effectively
  10. How to develop a high performing and truly collaborative team
  11. How to align your direct reports on priorities, goals and targets
  12. Psychometric assessments such as EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360 and Team Management Profile can be included
  13. How to add even more value to your organisation

How will this course benefit you and your organisation?

Executives even better equipped to manage themselves and lead their teams to deliver improved performance and results for your organisation.


The duration of your executive coaching programme is agreed following an exploratory discussion with our Managing Director, Scott Watson.

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