Appraisal Skills Training Course

Who will benefit?

Managers responsible for undertaking performance appraisals who wish to learn the essential skills, techniques and tools required to to effectively prepare, deliver and evaluate a highly effective performance appraisal interview.

What you will learn on the course?

  • How to structure a worthwhile appraisal interview to maximise value
  • How to design an objective, evidence based performance appraisal review
  • How to avoid subjective, opinion based comments that may cause conflict
  • How to set and agree a clear context for the appraisal interview
  • How to develop rapport quickly and stay focused on key information
  • How to fully involve the appraisee fully in the whole appraisal process
  • How to enhance trust and mutual support within the working relationship
  • How to provide relevant, specific and helpful feedback
  • How to positively invite appraisee feedback on how you can support them even more effectively
  • How to respond to objections and disagreements positively and maintain trust
  • How to address poor performance issues in a constructive manner
  • How to agree specific objectives, support and outputs for the next review period
  • How to develop motivation, focus and commitment within the appraisee

How will this course benefit your organisation?

A clear standard for objectively assessing employee performance which serves and supports your organisation and employees to perform optimally. See our Case Studies and Results for information on how we've benefited existing clients.


This action-packed course is available as 1 or 2 days and is reinforced with up to 90-days' access pass to our online, invitation-only Management Training coaching portal. 

The portal is worth £79 per person and will help to successfully embed the learning in your organisation.

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