The Security Watchdog - Emotional Intelligence Training


A rapidly growing career screening bureau, and staffed by technically highly skilled employees, the company's leaders wanted to improve the way teams collaborated across the business to reduce errors, improve efficiency and share existing good practice and ideas for future development.  

The client wanted to address:-

  • A lack of collaboration across teams due to silo working habits.
  • Development needs in terms of how people were managed to deliver required outcomes, but actually enjoy their time at work.
  • The lack of personal connection and high trust relationships between managers operating in diverse teams with little or no personal contact with peers.


Summit presented an action-packed 2 hour keynote presentation session in Birmingham to 35 managers which:-

  • Exposed the audience to high-pressure, challenging team activities to draw out existing strengths and weaknesses in working practices and communication habits.
  • Equipped participants with Emotional Intelligence people management skills to engage, enable and encourage team members to enhance their commitment and performance.
  • Demonstrated how silo working habits and absence of cross team collaboration were costing the business money, wasting time and damaging efficiency.

Client Feedback

"I recently attended an Emotional Intelligence training presented by Scott Watson for 35 managers.

Scott was extremely knowledgeable and gave a very captivating and thought provoking presentation that was appropriate for  the group. He has a very easy delivery style which is interesting, fun and engaging. The morning really made me think about my role as a manager and the impact I have on the business and my colleagues. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend Scott Watson."

Claire Sweeney
Associate Director, Implementation

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Posted by on September 24, 2014