Olan Mills Photographic Studios


With more than 60 franchise studios throughout the UK, the client was struggling to make the most of its interactions with prospective and existing customers.

  • Increasing competition in a market which requires upsetting and repeat sales to survive.
  • The vast majority of studio managers did not possess the awareness, tools, techniques or skills to confidently ask for the sale or a repeat booking.
  • Increasingly high turnover of studio staff due to pay being largely commission based created inconsistent standards which impacted customer satisfaction and sales performance.


An intensive two-day management training course in London for Studio Managers and Area Managers challenging participants to explore different ways of managing themselves, managing their teams and managing relationships and communication with prospective and existing customers. 

Key areas of focus for the management training included:

  • Why and how to focus on the few activities that really matter and add value rather than the many that don’t.
  • How to boost mental focus, self motivation and commitment to achieving and exceeding performance goals and standards.
  • When and how to re-activate dormant customer relationships in a proactive manner.
  • How to improve employee engagement, motivation and commitment through shared goals.

Client Feedback

“Summit was appointed to guide Olan Mills on how to enhance the skills and effectiveness of our Area and Studio Managers. This was in response to the fact that Olan Mills had made the transition from a long term family owned business in to a company owned by UK management.

Summit took time to understand our organisation and the industry we compete in before recommending solutions.

In addition to taking time to speak with managers individually before their learning event to understand their own requirements, Summit also found time to support them by telephone following their learning to help transfer their new skills and approaches back in to the workplace.

Summit delivered tailor-made, entertaining and relevant learning events that received excellent feedback from everyone involved. As a direct result of the Summit programme we have witnessed a positive impact in terms of management performance, quality of customer care and improvement in team spirit and co-operation.

I recommend Summit to organisations wanting a management training partner that focuses on helping clients to achieve measurable improvements in performance in an open, honest and structured manner.

Paul Adamson
Sales Director

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Posted by on December 30, 2014