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At a time of significant change, Summit was appointed to help create a step change in traditional people management and team working habits to enhance organizational performance. More than 100 managers participated in this programme.


Many managers were promoted to positions of people management based largely on their technical competence in a non-management role, and didn’t possess leadership skills to perform effectively.

Silo working habits resulted in an absence of joined up thinking and shared understanding of key projects, and delivery of high quality outputs was suffering.

Delays in delivering business projects was adversely impacting the business financially, and with key stakeholders which couldn’t be allowed to continue.

People management styles focused mainly on delivering projects rather than ensuring that team members were supported and enabled to deliver projects, and employee engagement was being damaged.


A bespoke, intensive two-day management training course in Sheffield was reinforced by a one-day coaching programme three weeks following the training programme enabled the effective transfer of learning back to the workplace. Client improvements included:

  • A greater commitment to working across teams and departments to ensure clarity of objectives and goals to accelerate the delivery of high quality projects.
  • A refreshed people management style that balanced ‘getting the job done’ with ensuring team members are effectively briefed and proactively supported to do a great job.
  • Fewer financially costly errors and delays when delivering projects.
  • More emotionally intelligent managers who replaced process focused management with a collaborative coaching culture to boost effectiveness.

Client Feedback

“Following personal recommendation I appointed Summit Consulting and Training to design and facilitate a series of 3-day management development programmes during a period of significant change for Ufi.

The feedback from programme participants has been overwhelmingly positive, and to date, nearly 100 managers have undertaken the programme. In addition to enjoying the collaborative and interactive approach to learning, the relevance of the learning to our workplace and the practical guidance on how to apply the tools, techniques and skills in everyday situations has added significant value. Due to reasons of confidentiality, I am not in a position to provide more detailed information in this testimonial.

From the outset, Summit asked lots of questions to understand our organisation, our culture, performance management processes and most important goals that I wanted Ufi to achieve from their contribution. The precise but brief research at the outset of the project developed a solid foundation on which to build a very successful and worthwhile management development programme.

In addition to this, the efforts Summit invested in speaking with each participant prior to them participating in the programme was unique in terms of developing rapport, trust and mutual understanding of the purpose of the event prior to attending.

I am very happy with the contribution Summit has made to Ufi and recommend them highly to organisations wishing to enhance employee engagement through maximising management and team effectiveness."

Diane Williamson
Human Resources Director
Ufi Ltd, Sheffield

Posted by on November 5, 2014