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The Council's Sports Development Team identified a number of issues which were adversely impacting operational effectiveness, cost effectiveness and customer service standards. The key issues included:

  • Inconsistent ways of managing teams across remote teams based at a number of leisure outlets weren’t enabling teams to perform optimally.
  • Policies and procedures were not being adhered to which meant central office wasn’t able to collect and analyse accurate data to address operational issues and implement solutions.
  • Customer service levels and customer satisfaction scores dropping which resulted in an increasing number of customer complaints.
  • Managers weren't managing their time and priorities effectively which resulted in them focusing on 'firefighting' activities rather than proactively delivering organisational priorities.


A bespoke management training course in Edinburgh for 30 managers which exposed participants to a variety of thought-provoking and intellectually challenging team activities, each relating back to the challenges being faced in their workplace. They included:

  • How to make high quality decisions under pressure and with incomplete information.
  • Understanding the major differences between customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Time and priority management and doing the few ‘important’ things that really matter, rather than the many ‘urgent’ things that don’t.
  • How to coach team members to take more personal ownership of quality, service, teamwork and operational effectiveness.

Client Feedback

"Summit delivered an excellent course. Staff went away completely buzzing with new ideas. The management training course was very motivational and I personally have three of four things that I am taking away to work on.

It's one of those course where your don't really know what to expect coming in to it, but if you are looking for a text book method of what to do, this probably isn't for you. This is about exploring new possibilities and I expect that with the reaction that we received today, the management training course will be very beneficial."

Ross Maguire
Policy Development Officer
Dundee Council

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Posted by on November 5, 2014