DHL Express - Management Training


Logistics is a highly time sensitive industry where deadlines must be achieved, and the right items must be in the right place, at the right time.

The vital focus on achieving the task had resulted in an absence of balance with focusing on ensuring that team members were equipped, enabled and encouraged to take more personal ownership of their decisions and actions, silo working habits resulted in a lack of shared understanding of priorities, and this had resulted in inefficiencies and financially costly errors manifesting. 

24 high potential managers were identified as internal champions for improving efficiency, employee engagement, collaboration, and indeed, commercial results.


A bespoke management training programme consisting of a potent mixture of Emotional Intelligence skills development, highly effective and proven self management skills and people management skills partnered with a clear commercial focus on personal and team performance and effectiveness.

Each of the 24 high potential managers completed and Emotional Intelligence assessment at the outset to enhance self awareness and identify existing strengths and development areas, and a workplace project maximised the transfer of management training back to the hectic workplace.


I engaged Summit to help me in building a programme for this managers DHL had identified as ‘high potential’.  

We needed a management training programme that didn’t just deal with the regular leadership principles, but one that focused more on Emotional Intelligence and persuasion to enhance personal, team and company performance.  Scott Watson worked with me on identifying the exact deliverables that I had wanted from the management training programme.

The facilitation of the six days (in two modules of three days each) was SUPERB.  Scott Watson and his colleague proceeded to not just give participants food for thought, but also assisted the group to bond in a way that allowed for more open and helpful learning to take place. There were many ‘a-ha’ moments and participants left the management training programme knowing a lot more about their own behaviours, some of which were standing in the way of their elevated performance in the past.

I am very happy to recommend Summit to any organization that wants to truly push its leaders to look inward and find how they can raise their performance to the next level.

Basil Al-Azem
HRD Manager - Middle East, North Africa and Turkey

Posted by on September 25, 2015