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To maximise operational and commercial success, technically proficient managers needed to become leaders.

Managers had been promoted largely due to their outstanding technical competence in an unrelated role, and team motivation, collaboration, engagement and operational efficiency wasn’t as effective as it needed to be.

The HR Director was keen to immerse operational managers across the business in a hands-on leadership development course which would expand their awareness of leadership and management best practice, enable them to partner their undoubted technical competence in their area of expertise with a range of deeply human Emotional Intelligence skills, and most commercial results too.


A bespoke leadership development course which provided an opportunity for managers to explore how their thinking, personal values, default management style and learned habits either helped or hurt the company’s ability to perform optimally.

A large portion of the leadership development programme focused on developing Emotionally Intelligent leaders. Emotionally Intelligent leaders engage, equip and enable teams to consistently drive up performance, not by autocratic, purely task focused management, but by pro-actively inviting input, disagreement and recommendations for change and improvement from every level of employee.

The leadership development programme was reinforced with a workplace project for each participant.  This was designed to successfully transfer and embed new habits, standards and ways of leading back in the business.


‘The aim of the leadership development programme was to education managers on how to maximise their personal effectiveness and enhance the level of employee engagement within their teams, as well as across departments.

The leadership development programme was specifically focused on promoting greater levels of trust across all relationships, a more flexible and collaborative approach to teamwork, addressing poor performance issues positively, promoting more personal ownership and accountability, solution-focused thinking and, developing a right first time, every time mindset.

The formal feedback received from all participants has been positive and complimentary to the Summit team. The feedback has also identified a number of very positive improvements to the way the managers manage themselves, their teams and their customers, both internally and externally. This view is supported by the regional leadership team - who manage the participants.

I have enjoyed working with Summit and I and certain that Scott Watson and his team bring the highest level of knowledge and expertise to any leadership development programme they lead.

I am very happy to recommend Summit to other company directors and managers who wish to achieve a real return on their investment in leadership training and want to appoint a leadership training partner they can rely on.

D Swavley
Human Resources Director
DHL Aviation

Posted by on September 25, 2015