Cineworld - Management Training


Managing multiple projects, each with tight deadlines across across several regional sites had become a problem that needed to be addressed.  The coachee was finding it increasingly difficult and frustrating in consistently delivering the quality of guidance, support and input the company required, and she personally was committed to.  


Summit facilitated a 1-2-1 management trainingsession for the manager which began by exploring how her own exacting standards, expectations and personal values influenced how she worked, both with people, and in terms of delivering business-critical HR projects.  

Having developed an increased level of self-awareness, we then helped her to identify and prioritise ‘The few things that really matter’ for the business, and identify which tasks and projects she was undertaking that could either be reallocated or put on hold.

The coachee then explored management skills and Emotional Intelligence skills which would equip her with the best self-management tools to focus her mind, manage her time, be more assertive in certain situations, a more collaborative colleague, more influential, and better able to consistently deliver the highest quality output.


‘My one to one management coaching session was designed specifically around my needs.  The Summit coach was open, direct without being being critical, and was actively looking for areas to help me throughout the management coaching session.

This is one of the best training sessions I have ever attended.

C Langley
Senior HR Business Partner

Posted by on August 6, 2015