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Ten first-time managers had been in post for nearly 6 months and with different levels of success and confidence.  The client was committed to supporting the group of managers to become more self-confident, more technically competent and more engaging leaders of their teams.  The project sponsor wanted to improve operational performance by developing more proactive people managers.

Our pre-training research with participants identified that all managers believed they had been promoted to their management role, not because they had demonstrated any desire or potential ability to be an effective manager, but because they excelled in a technical, unrelated role - which didn’t involve leading or managing other people.


Summit designed and facilitated a two-day management training course in London that explored how to become an emotionally intelligent manager, how to organise planning time, time management, effective delegation, problem solving and specific coaching skills which encouraged and enabled team members to take more personal ownership of their performance and results.

The two-day management training course in London provided participants with the opportunity to reflect on how to apply their new skills in their own teams, and, also enabled a ‘Buddy’ peer coaching system to be successfully implemented.  The peer coaching was instrumental to the improvements in individual and collective performance being maintained long-term.


‘From my first communication with Summit explaining our management training requirements, it was clear that they had the knowledge and skills to meet our management training needs.  Their bespoke approach was refreshing and it ensured that all participants were left with the best possible tools to do their jobs. 

Following the management training, an enthusiasm and commitment to success has been rekindled in the staff and they are now looking forward to the challenges their jobs may bring.’

J Sims
Training & Development Manager

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Posted by on August 6, 2015